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Mistake of the intellect

In Ayurveda, the main reason for human suffering is described by the Sanskrit term, pragya-aparadh, which means ‘mistake of the intellect’.

Pragya-aparadh occurs when we choose to do things that are not aligned with our ‘core truth’. This happens when we stop being centered within ourselves; when we have disconnected from the wholeness of consciousness.

Crystal light energy amplifies our connection to the wholeness of consciousness; our inner Self. When we live from this centered state of being (the ‘flow state’), we navigate through life’s challenges with ease and effortlessly manifest our heart’s desire.

Crystals are well known for their rejuvenating energy on the body and mind. This rejuvenating energy is by virtue of crystal energy interacting with the body’s fields. The Vedas (ancient Hindu texts) describe our body as being composed of five sheaths, i.e. our physical body and four subtle bodies.

The Five Sheaths (pancha-kosha) listed from the most condensed form to the subtlest:

Physical body (anna-maya-kosha) the “sheath composed of food”; the physical body as we know it.

Energy body (prana-maya-kosha) the “sheath composed of vital energy”, commonly referred to as Prana or Qi, gives life to the physical body.

Mental body (mano-maya-kosha) the “sheath composed of the mind”. Our thoughts, emotions, and information received through the five senses are processed in this subtle body.

Wisdom body (vijnana-maya-kosha) the “sheath composed of awareness”. This subtle body is made up of knowledge and intelligence. It is the seat of intuition, inner wisdom and discernment.

Bliss body (ananda-maya-kosha) the “sheath composed of bliss”. This is the subtlest form of the individual self, experienced as bliss.

Veda literally means ‘knowledge’ in Sanskrit. The Vedas were cognised (heard) and verbalised by the ancient Rishis over 3500 years ago. Those verbalised primordial sounds are in the form of hymns, which were later recorded as text.

The process of soundless-to-sound, formless-to-form, is the self-seeding principle of the universal state of pure Being (Source). What appears real or physical is just Source reflecting on itself, creating ripples of energy that manifest as the vast universe. It’s all just the play of consciousness!

The Taittiriya Upanishad (Vedic text) describes the formation of the five elements as a sequence beginning with the first element, Akasha, which then forms subsequent elements air, fire, water and earth. Akasha is a physical element described as having the qualities of sound (an aetheric vibratory element) that is normally imperceptible by the five senses and scientific instruments.

Materials such as gemstones resonate with primordial sound – the infinite wisdom of the Vedas. Quartz crystals self-seed inside water filled vugs deep inside the earth and then gradually make their way to the surface through erosion and tectonic movement. These are precious gifts of Gaia!

Bathing in crystal energy amplifies the primordial sound within us, which helps us to live in alignment with Source.

Passing light through crystals further enhances their energy. Akasha is the medium through which light travels and vibrates at the frequency of the light’s full spectrum. This vibration stimulates the crystal’s energy.

Using the device is simply a matter of lying or sitting under the lamp for as long as desired.


The Vision

Illuminate your soul with Aelumyn

Just as nature provides food for our nourishment, she also provides crystals that emanate her pure energy and intelligence to help us connect with the core of our being – our soul. Crystal energy has been harnessed by civilisations around the world for millennia. The Aelumyn crystal light energy system is today’s technology for harnessing this powerful crystalline energy.

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